Employability and STEM


Aspirations2020欧洲杯APP is a mentoring program for Year 11 students to broaden their awareness of career options and help them make informed decisions about their choices and pathways beyond school. Working in small groups, it provides students with an understanding of the skills required in a modern work environment including interview techniques and developing essential employability skills, while also exploring post-school options.

Career Choice Day

Career Choice Day is a one-day experience targeting high school students as they begin to consider career options for the future and the relevant study pathways required. The day involves groups of students visiting one of ABCN’s member companies and participating in facilitated activities to learn about the workplace, different industries and the various roles and career pathways of some of the company’s employees.

Future Thinkers

Future Thinkers is a three-hour program targeting Year 9 and 10 students, that aims to build creative and innovative problem-solving skills through design-thinking. Working with mentors in small groups, the focus of the program is on developing these key transferable enterprise skills to transform challenges into opportunities.


Innovate2020欧洲杯APP is a mentoring program designed for Year 7 and 8 students to encourage the uptake of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. It aims to build confidence and learning in these areas as well as the students’ understanding and knowledge of STEM careers. The program is structured over five sessions and involves small groups of 4–5 students working with two mentors. 


InterACT is a mentoring program for recently arrived, high school-aged migrants and refugees whose first language is not English. It provides these students with the cultural and vocational literacy skills they need to participate in Australian life, with the ultimate aim of gaining tertiary education, meaningful employment and access to a professional network. While the focus is on communication and relationship-building, the students also learn to sustain adult conversations in English with a positive role model outside their immediate community.

Interview 2 Impress (i2i)

The i2i2020欧洲杯APP program is a one-day workshop that equips students from high-needs schools with the essential interview skills needed to engage in employment options beyond school. The facilitated sessions build students’ understanding of job interview techniques and processes. It also allows students to experience realistic interview scenarios in a corporate environment by working with mentors who are able to provide feedback and advice based on their own job interview experiences.